We are currently experiencing an unprecedented volume of reports regarding potholes and road defects in our community. Please be assured that Buckinghamshire Highways team is working tirelessly to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. In order to prioritise safety, repairs are being scheduled based on location and the volume of traffic using the road. Temporary repairs may be conducted in cases where permanent fixes are not immediately feasible due to cold and/or wet weather conditions. Rest assured, we will revisit these locations to make the necessary permanent repairs.

Our primary concern is the safety of all road users, and we understand the inconvenience these issues may cause. Therefore, if our regular highways safety inspections identify urgent concerns, we may implement temporary repairs to address them promptly, even if the weather conditions do not allow for permanent fixes. By taking this proactive approach, we aim to minimise potential hazards and ensure the continued safety of our roads. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this period.

Thank you in advance for your patience and continued support.

Buckinghamshire Council

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